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Sockapaloooza 3

Sockapaloooza3 socks are finished. Falling Leaves made of Schachenmayr Regia Stretch Color No. 100.

Falling Leaves

And here once again modeled by my nine year old son, giggeling all time during photoshot, because of wearing "girls-socks". But he is the only one in this house, who can wear this small socks. It´s hard to be son of a knitter

Sockapaoooza 3

28.2.06 14:56


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alison / Website (7.3.06 15:13)
They're so lovely. And they look even better on. Wow! (Great modelling!)

Donna / Website (7.3.06 15:42)
I love them - they're great!

Linz / Website (7.3.06 19:51)
They look gorgeous! Congrats!!!

Diane / Website (8.3.06 01:56)
Beautiful socks. I love that pattern. I think I'm gonna have to give it a try myself. Good Job.

Laura / Website (8.3.06 06:45)
Pretty socks -- I will have to add that pattern to my to-knit list. Good for your son for being such a sport and modelling!

Dani / Website (10.3.06 01:49)
ohhhhh nice socks! And what a good psort your son is to model them!!

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